Reyes: “…if someone gave me the opportunity, I was going to do a good job.”

By / September 8, 2016 / Players, Regular Season

There has been so much talk about the latest influx of young talent that has joined a surging New York Mets team. Some say it started with Matt Harvey and his bigger than life persona. His arm and attitude brought a different vibe to a franchise desperate to remind New York they exist. However, this… [read more]


Cespedes: “The way this team is playing right now is like last year’s team.”

By / September 7, 2016 / Players, Regular Season

For an organization who has thrived on slogans like “Ya Gotta Believe”, “Miracle Mets” and “Mets Magic”, it isn’t hard to see why they are on this amazing streak they’re on. Dealing with injury after injury and then set backs to the injured, this team should be done. Playoff contention? No way! They should be… [read more]

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 5.34.22 AM

Mets defeat Reds and tell ESPN: Screw you and your schedule!

By / September 6, 2016 / Players, Regular Season

ESPN, meet the Mets who don’t give a flip how you try to mess with them with your ridiculous scheduling because you need better ratings. Monday (9-05) afternoon was a special type of game. It was one where the New York Mets got the best of ESPN as shown in this epic video courtesy of… [read more]


Wildcard Race: “Kids” leading the battle cry for October

By / September 4, 2016 / Regular Season

It isn’t that Mets fans don’t want to believe. It isn’t that they want to complain about everything their manager or front office does wrong. It isn’t that the fan base likes to think that the sky is falling. Nor do they enjoy waiting for the other shoe to drop. Quite simply? They have had… [read more]

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