Bye-Bye Burgos and Reyes

By / December 16, 2008 / Hot Stove

As reported last week by USA Today, the Mets have cut ties with last years infielder, Argenis Reyes and the pitching reject-turned felon, Ambiorix Burgos.

I was the first one screaming for the Mets to cut loose Burgos. But I do not understand why they would cut Reyes?

He may not have hit well, but he was a good second baseman. Better than Luis Castillo. He did hit 218 with a .259 OBP in 49 games. His fielding numbers were 1.000.

Maybe the Mets wanted a second baseman who could, a la Edgardo Alfonso. Ah! Those were the days!

As for Burgos…that was a waste of a trade. We should still have Brian Bannister right now.

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