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Tonight, after “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, I was bored silly. I started flipping through channels on my television set until I found it. It’s the greatest thing ever to hit a television set in the history of television.

The Major League Baseball Network.

No more Baseball Tonight on ESPN. No more Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN. Yankeeography on YES is done. So is Mets Classics on SNY. Better yet,  no more Joe Morgan.

What I saw tonight has me so excited about baseball again!

There is going to be a program called Epic Moments. I was amazed at what I saw. All of the history of all the greatest moments. From the greatest pitchers to the greatest hitters and everything in between.

It had interviews with all of these great players.

I was almost in tears when they showed Mike Piazza hit the home run after9/11 against the Atlanta Braves.

They showed a video of Jackie Robinson signing his contract.

I saw footage of Roberto Clemente in his playing days.

Mets fans, remember the great plays with Rey Ordoñez and Edgardo Alfonzo? It was all there.

The showed footage of the earthquake that his San Francisco during the 1989 World Series. Everything went dark, but you could still hear the commentators. That was a day I will never forget.

The had the Generation of Heroes part of the programs. It was astounding. From Hall of Fame pitcher Jay “Dizzy” Dean and Lynwood “Schoolboy” Rowe to Rickey Henderson claiming he is now the best base stealer to Albert Pujols and Ken Griffey, Jr.

To see all that baseball has done for this country and will continue to do for the world.

MLB has done an awesome job with this. Right now, there is no other baseball program on television that is better than The MLB Network’s Epic Moments.

MLB has just reminded me why I love this sport so much. There is so much history. You can through every season since baseball began and you will find an inspirational story.

Steriods and other performance-enhancing drugs can never tear apart what so many men have created.

In baseball, you can dare to dream. It might just happen. Jackie Robinson and Roberto Clemente are proof of this.

“In baseball, moments echo forever.”

January 1, 2009, baseball fans, this network comes to life. Get ready for the best television you will ever see.

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