Burrell a DH?

By / December 21, 2008 / Hot Stove

The Tampa Bay Rays think so.

According to Jon Heyman of SI.com, the Rays are in talks with Pat Burrell to bring aboard his services.

The catch? It will only be as a DH. At least that’s what it should be. Plus, he might have to settle for one year rather than the three that he wants.

We all know he is not exactly the greatest outfielder known to man, which is why I have been against bringing him on the Mets.

Merry Christmas, Mets fans. The Mets killer could be out of the National League altogether. And Merry Christmas to me because he won’t be on the Mets either.

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Ed Leyro

Plus, getting Burrell out of the predominantly lefty Philthy lineup and adding another lefty in Ibañez to take Burrell’s spot should make managerial decisions a lot easier and could save Jerry Manuel the trouble of making a bunch of late pitching changes. I just wish the Mets had another quality lefty specialist to tame Utley, Howard and Ibañez. Merry Christmas to all of us indeed!


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