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By / December 23, 2008 / Hot Stove

The Yankees have signed first baseman Mark Teixeira. Jon Heyman was the first to report the deal on New York sports radio station, WFAN.

The deal is for eight years worth $180 million. There is a no-trade clause in this contract. Really? Wow! I never would’ve guessed that.

This is coming on the heels of reports surfacing that the Washington Nationals were willing to go 10-years at $180 million.

Ooooo. Look out! The Yankees are making a comeback.

These bozos apparently have not learned their lesson and never will. You cannot buy championships. You grow championships.

Championships come from your farm system, not celebrity status. The Yankees have tried this before and have failed miserably ever since.

They had their dynasty when it was the products of their farm system that was winning it all for them.

What a joke!

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It’s okay, I just all respect for Texi. After saying he would go to a small market team to make baseball exciting he turned into a greedy bastard lik the majority of other baseball players. Prime example of why this game is a joke now.

A-Rod reversed the Babe Ruth curse anyway. Yankees will never win anything as long as hes in pinstripes.

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Teixeira just sold his soul to the Devil,What a joke this guy is. both he and his greedy agent scott ”Avenging Angel” boras. I understand that big market teams from NY,Chicago,LA,Boston..can get big time players like Tex to boost there clubs. But what the Skankees are doing is down right wrong. I mean first CC then A.J. and now Tex !?! i guess a four year contract worth 60 million for Manny ? Whatever !!! This just makes me hate the Skanks even more..and speaking of Manny. Omar really should sign him to a three year deal with an option for a forth year. i hope NYRnation is right on Lowe..we could sure use him.

Ed Leyro

Hey, last year everyone was saying the Tigers’ offense was going to score 1,000 runs and they finished in last place. Even the Royals finished with a better record than the Tigers. Committing close to half a billion dollars on Sabathia, Burnett and Teixeira looks good in the headlines, but it’ll look even sweeter to Mets fans when those players don’t deliver a championship to the Yankees. Let the Yankees overspend. It makes the Mets look so much smarter for only having to commit $37 million for three years to K-Rod when reports were saying he could get $75 million for five years.


Ed from your mouth to the Baseball Gods ears. I really hope you’re right because that’s what they should get for spending over 420 million on just three players. Go Tampa please win back to back AL East titles in 09.


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