Lowe Is On His Way

By / December 24, 2008 / Hot Stove

Could it be true?

According to the Boston Globe the Mets are nearing a deal for Derek Lowe.

The details are not exact. What they have said it can be for four years or three years with an option for a fourth. The value of the contract is $14-16 million per year.

If this happens, it will be great for the Mets. They can really use a solid starter. With Lowe in the rotation, the Mets can forget about Oliver Perez.

They can get a lower priced starter for the fifth spot. I do not think Jonathan Niese is ready. Give him one more year in the minors. Let him develop more. He has potential. They can bring him up in September.

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Ed Leyro

If they do get Lowe, I hope it’s the offer with three years and a fourth year option. I do wish the Mets would acquire a lefty starter or re-sign Ollie to neutralize the lefty-heavy Philthy middle of the lineup. Right now, it’s just Santana and a bunch of righties. That being said (sorry for stealing your phrase, Omar), a top of the rotation featuring Santana and Lowe looks better than Cole Hamels and whoever the Philthies #2 starter is (they’re all #2 if you know what I mean).


If they get Lowe it may be worth looking into Redding. I know the Mets have talked about it and Redding had a decent season for a real loser of a team. He also showed he can handle the Phillies. Although I would prefer Ollie back, I am not one to go crazy with the money for a guy who was terribly inconsistent. But if Lowe signs, Boras might have to make an offer on Ollie seeing as all the good pitchers are pretty much going off the market.
But I still think Redding can be gotten cheap and can be a good 5th starter. Further, it does give Niese that extra year to develop.


I keep hearing about Lowe, but I heard somewhere that the Lowe deal fell through. I am not sure, I trust Omar and the Mets decision. So, just waiting and see. Also, mr hudson is still out there. Lets clean up our pitching rotation and then hey, why not look at Orlando. I think the Mets will get either Sheets, Lowe, Perez.

Tanya Mercado

Those reports were from a couple of weeks ago. I had actually said they did also. But recently the Mets have decided to pick up the talks with Boras to try to get a deal done. As usual, it is the price tag that is keeping it from happening.

I would love to have Lowe, but I really think they should concentrate on getting a LHP.


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