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By / December 29, 2008 / Hot Stove, Rumors

It could have happened. According to reports on and, the Mets were interested in acquiring LA Dodgers outfielder Andruw Jones in a possible exchange for their constantly crippled secondbaseman Luis Castillo.

A heck of  a deal if you ask me!

Will it happen? No chance! My only problem with these talks is it could speak volumes about the Mets confidence in Ryan Church. Reports indicated Jones would shift to the right field.

That’s just one way to look at it. The other way I was looking at it was just a way to get Castillo out of New York. This would be the only way I would’ve made the trade. This way, the Mets could go after (and yes, Jeff, I am going to say it), Orlando Hudson.

Otherwise, this would’ve been a bad move all around. I mean, did you see Jones’ numbers last season? He batted .158 and he was hurt. Geez! Not the same guy who tormented the Mets with Larry “Chipper” Jones on the Braves. They were like the NL East Bash Brothers.

Like I said, this is not going to happen.

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JDawgsthe 1

If it means getting rid of Castillo! Lets do it!!! Rather see Jones in LF leaving Church in RF!!

Ed Leyro

Had this happened, I assume the Dodgers would’ve eaten some of Jones’ salary. There’s a big difference between Jones’ salary and Castillo’s salary. I hope that if and when the Mets do trade Castillo, they don’t have to take on a huge salary that could prevent them from acquiring other talent like Hudson.


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