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After reading a comment left by Rob, I started thinking about this scenario.

The Mets are still in need of a left-handed pitcher. That should be their priority, not right-hander Derek Lowe.

Hear me out before you throw stones at me.

How about a 2-for-1 deal?

The Mets should consider getting Lowe and Oliver Perez at a combined rate of $85 million.



Nobody is really pursuing Perez. The only team I am hearing about are the St. Louis Cardinals and they have not talked as of yet.

Figure this scenario:

Perez gets a 3 year, $50 million deal with either an option for a fourth or incentives to push the deal to $60 million. Meanwhile, Lowe gets a 3 year, $35 million deal with an option for a fourth.

Everybody wins with this deal and the Mets do not break the bank.

I think it is a deal Scott Boras cannot refuse.

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Ed Leyro

I really want Ollie back. How many other young lefties are available who have experience handling the New York media and have pitched in pressure situations? The bullpen blew his two most important starts (Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS and the regular season finale in 2008). In both of those games, he kept the Mets in the game and after they took him out, the bullpen came in and gave up the crushing homers.

After Dan Warthen took over, Ollie became a more effective pitcher. He kept the ball in the park (11 HR in 20 starts under Warthen, 13 HR in 14 starts under Peterson) and pitched longer into games (only two outings lasting over six innings before Warthen and nine such outings after). He has been inconsistent in the past, but I think Warthen has already begun turning him around into a durable, less inconsistent starter.

Tanya Mercado

This is not about the bullpen. You are missing the whole point of the blog. He’s given up his own share of home runs without the help of the bullpen or did you forget those homers he gave up against the Giants last season?!

The point was to get what the Mets want at the more effective cost. I will be shocked if Perez gets what Boras is asking for him.


I’m loving this think like a future gm. I’m hoping things fall into the Mets lap, like last year with Santana. If this is the case then i think you’re on to something here with this idea. Like you said everyone here wins. I will say one thing, if this were to happen the mets would have the deepest staff in the NL if not all of baseball.

Ed Leyro

I don’t think Boras will get what he wants for Ollie, just like he wanted 10 years and $200 million for Beltran and “only” got 7 years and $119 million.


I like that idea. I really don’t want Lowe here. I don’t think he is that good anymore. People keep talking about what he did last year. Remember he did that in the NL west, the worst division in baseball. He had a under .500 record vs teams in the NL east. And don’t forget, he gave lost two games to the Phils in the NLCS. I don’t think he is the pitcher the mets need. But, if the Mets sign Perez, who I do like, because he does everything Ed says and more. He can pitch in New York and has had success, I wouldn’t mind Lowe. A Santana, Pelfry, Perez, Lowe, and Maine rotation is a solid one.

Tanya, his start agaisnt the giants is only one start. It happens. Even the best have bad starts. What i like is consistency. Pelfry, Perez, and Santana gave us that last year.

Tanya Mercado

Nilvio, I am all for cosistency. On all the sites that I have written for I have spoken about his lack of it. The Giants game I spoke about was not just one lone incident. There were numerous games I went to at Shea where plenty of people would say, “Will he keep the ball in the park this time?”

Rob, I like the fact that Lowe is a groundball pitcher. But that still does nothing against the Phillies. Lowe is hardly as important as a LHP. I think this is best thing the Mets can do to get what they want.

As much as I love strikeouts, getting outs is more important. I do not care how it is done: groundout, pop out, fly out. Just get the out. As long as that is accomplished, I am a very happy camper.


Lowe is more of a groundball pitcher. I think that is vital with an infield that has proven to be able to field be able to work a bit more. With that said, I think the price for Ollie is going to come down because, quite frankly, how many teams can put up with him?! I am not talking about attitude, I am talking about his erratic inconsistent yet sometimes dominating performances! Most teams and fans would just give up on him on the basis they don’t know what they are going to get!

But I think the Mets have been able to get more of his good side than his bad. He didn’t exactly have a good season. To me, his best will be 15-wins 4.00 era (remember, his era in 2007 was low because of plenty of Unearned runs HE made). The sad part is, that could easily be more like 18-wins 3.00 if he was consistent.

Still he is a big lefty pitcher. Does strike-out matters. Does have a low Batting average against. His problem is the walks, which was off the chart last year! But I think we have grown accustomed to him and he did pitch a bit better when the big change happened. The price will drop mainly because, as I said, no one else can put up with this performance! Are you getting Ollie in 2007 or are you getting 2006 regular season stuff?

JDawgsthe 1

I like the idea! I’d prefer to see them both sign 3 year $42 million deals with vested options based on innings pitched in the 3rd year only!!


Now that a little time has passed since you wrote this would think Boras would try something like this if the Mets came to him with this offer. Oh no not BORA$, as much as i love this idea we all know Bora$ would reject this quicker then Reyes stealing second. Bora$ is three things only…Money…Money…Money…! And two for one deals like this will not give Bora$ the max he’s looking for when it comes to money.


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