Lowe Offer On The Table

By / December 30, 2008 / Hot Stove

The NY Times is reporting the Mets have made an offer to Derek Lowe. It is not too far from what I was hoping.

The years are three and the dollars are $36 million.

It is a fair deal. According to the report, he was seeking a 5-year, $90 million deal. Keep dreaming! You’re good, but not that good.

Should Lowe decide he wants more years, the Mets more than likely will move on. They proved they are very cautious as to how long they sign pitchers for.

The offer is there. Take it or leave it, Lowe. You make the call because we certainly will not be calling.

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Ed Leyro

Any team would be foolish to give a pitcher of Lowe’s age a five-year deal. Lowe is a dependable starter and on occasion can be an all-star caliber pitcher but five-year deals for pitchers that age should only be given to surefire Hall-of-Famers, if they should be given at all.

Good call on the Mets offer. Let’s see if they can make that three-year deal work the way they did with Frankie.

Ed Leyro

Sorry, I couldn’t resist looking at some stats (it’s an addiction I have called Tony Reali-itis), but looking at the numbers down the stretch for Lowe as compared to Ollie is making me want Lowe even more. In Lowe’s last 12 starts (including two playoff starts against the Philthies), he only gave up 12 earned runs, never giving up more than two earned runs in any of those starts. As much as I think Ollie has improved, I don’t think he’s capable of such a prolonged stretch of consistency at such a crucial juncture of the season as Lowe produced last season. Of course, as you suggested in another blog, if the Wilpons want to spend the money, signing Lowe and Perez would be more than acceptable to me.

JDawgsthe 1

Angels signed LHP Brian Fuentes, who had been with the Rockies, to a two-year, $17.5 million contract with a club option for 2011.

WOW! talk about not getting what u wanted!! I think Lowe will be a Met shortly!


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