The Mets Have No Chance

By / December 30, 2008 / Hot Stove

Chicago Cubs pitcher, Jason Marquis, looks to be acquired by the Colorado Rockies in exchange for relief pitcher, Luis Vizcaino. The deal is expected to be finalized next week.

The Denver Post seems to think this is a bad move. I, however, think it is a good deal for the Rockies. It’s a stupid move for the Cubs.

Vizcaino was such a bust for the Rockies ending his season with a 5.28 ERA. Maybe a change of scenery would be good for him.

The Denver Post wrote, “The Rockies will ship the $4 million remaining on Vizcaino’s deal for the $9.875 million left on Marquis’ contract. The Cubs are expected to eat around a $1 million on Marquis’ contract, leaving the Rockies to pay approximately $5 million for one season of the right-hander. Chicago, meanwhile, still nets a $5 million savings, crystallizing the motivation for both clubs.”

I’m just mad the Mets could not get Marquis to Flushing. Even if the Mets were still interested in Marquis, they have no shot at getting him because they were burned too many times by the Mets this offseason with potential deals for Huston Street.

Oh well! It is not like the Rockies are going to be much of a threat anyway.

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Ed Leyro

We might miss Marquis even more if the Mets cannot get Lowe or re-sign Perez. The third option I keep reading about, Randy Wolf, doesn’t impress me as much as Marquis would.

The Rockies should be relieved to be rid of Vizcaino, especially when they were able to exchange him for a guy of Marquis’ caliber. Too bad they traded away Holliday so now Marquis might have fewer leads to work with.


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