Lowe Will Decline

By / January 1, 2009 / Hot Stove

After all the excitement Mets fans started to feel when the Mets made an offer to Derek Lowe, it was for naught.

Reports from the Boston Globe are saying Lowe will decline the offer and seek at least $15 million per.

Other than the Mets, the Yankees, Phillies, and Red Sox were also looking to bring him aboard. With all the money they have already spent, it seems unlikely the Yankees will bring aboard another major expense. The Phillies and Red Sox could make a run.

Lowe needs to understand he is not a spring chicken. He has one foot that is about to cross over the threshold of old. At 35 years of age, I do not think he should get any more than what he was offered by the Mets. He is not exactly a razzle-dazzle pitcher.

With that said, he does get the job done. But he is no Johan Santana or Pedro Martinez (of old) or CC Sabathia.

I think the Mets should just move on at this point. Let him come to them. If he wants to pitch on the Mets and have a chance to win, he’ll call us. After all, there is no better 8th and 9th inning relievers than what we have with JJ Putz and K-Rod. If he pitches 7-innings and keeps the Mets in the game, he can potentially win 20 games easily.

Think about that Mr. Lowe!

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Ed Leyro

I can understand why Lowe declined. After all, A.J. Burnett got a five-year deal with an average annual value of more than $16 million and Lowe has a much better track record and he has been successful in October. That being said, I have this to say to Lowe: Dude, get over your demands. If you get $15 million per year, it won’t be for the number of years you want. If you get an offer better than the Mets’ offer, it won’t be by much. You might as well take the offer from the team showing the most interest in your services. Doesn’t that mean anything anymore?


First of all only the Yankees were going to pay that much for Burnett. Ca$man was bidding vs himself on that one as always. You know the Yankee way of doing thing$. Lowe and Burnett are two diffrent pitchers. One is a ground ball machine who at best is a solid # 3. The other is a guy who’s a doctors best friend since he always getting hurt. When healthy he can be a soild # 2 or # 1 on some staffs. At best Lowe is worth around 13 mill per year, and he’ll be lucky if he gets that..or shall i say Boras will be lucky.


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