Lowe Declined and Demanded

By / January 4, 2009 / Hot Stove

As predicted, Derek Lowe has officially declined the Mets offer of $36 million.

His reason? According to Jon Heyman, the man wants $16 million per year and nothing less.

Is it really Lowe that wants that amount or Scott Boras? I think you know the answer to that.

To add to this, the Phillies and the Braves are set to make a run for him, with the Red Sox and possibly the Brewers trying to decide if they should. Of course, there is a secret team. Yeah right! Just a card Boras wants to throw out there to get teams scrambling.

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Ok if anyone is suprised by this then you’re asleep at the wheel. Boras has been and will always be about one thing. Money !!! Only Boras would ask for $16 million for a guy who at best is a solid # 3 starter on most MLB staffs. Only Boras would demand so much for a guy who’s not even a strikout guy. He’s a sinker ball pitcher. Ground ball after ground ball. Boras is comparing Lowe to A.J. Burnett and the contract he got with the Yankees. Memo to Boras…the Mets are not the Yankees. Omar is not looking to outbid himself like Cashman did with Burnett. Lowe is a very good pitcher and i want him as a Met, but if the bases are loaded and a strikout is needed lowe is not one to get that strikeout. Lowe would more likely get a ground ball that’ll become a double play or find a hole and become a two run single. Burnett on the other can get a strikout if in that same bases loaded jam because he’s a hard thrower who can dial it up to 95 plus and make guys swing and miss. Lowe at best is high 80’s. Wake up Boras !


Boras is not only for a big payday for his client but he’s trying to get a nice
commission for his “efforts” at getting such a deal. Out of all the teams you mentioned, perhaps the Brewers might go for Lowe since they’re without their No. 1 and 2 starters and I’m not sure if they have any pitching prospects who’re ready to fill in. They’ll probably make an offer of 4 yrs but not for 5. Can’t see the Phillies getting involved since their rotation is set and the Braves still have Hudson,Glavine, and Hampton.


I say let Lowe go! lets get Sheets and Perez. Now, that would make me smile. A rotation with Santana, Pelfry, Sheets (hopes he stays healthy), Perez, and maine. Sign a veteran to a minor league contract and spring training invite. And let them battle.

Tanya Mercado

Then we would be as stupid as the Yankees. I’m not willing to bring aboard someone who cannot stay healthy. I wouldn’t risk it. I would rather throw the money at Perez and let Niese have a shot, and you all know how I feel about Niese.


Tanya, I think getting Sheets at a cheaper price and less years than Lowe is a good risk. When he is healthy he has great stuff. He is dominate, numbr 1 type stuff. Yes, he has been injury prone, but only in the majors. When he pitched in the minors and in college he wasn’t hardly injured. Maybe, giving him new trainers and medical people can help him stay healthy. Remember Jose Reyes, he couldn’t stay healthy. He was injured all the time. Because, the mets were trying to change his running style, maybe the brewers were tryin to change Sheets throwing motion. I would take that risk, having him, Santana, and Pelfry would be very good. They could win 55 games.

Ed Leyro

Although I love Sheets’ stuff, last year was his first year since 2004 that he made over 30 starts. Lowe has made over 30 starts seven straight seasons and if I read correctly, he’s never been on the DL. I’d rather have 33 or 34 starts by Lowe than 25 starts by Sheets and 8 or 9 starts by a minor league call-up.

I still think Lowe will be had for less than $16 million per year and quite possibly less than $15 million unless a bidding war starts which as of now has not occurred. It all depends on what the Mets want more. If they want a pitcher that can get the strikeout but has an injury history, then Sheets is the man. If they want durability, a championship pedigree and lots of grounders, then they should go for Lowe.


I don’t mind having Lowe on the team, for 2 or 3 years at a reasonable price. (12 million per). But, I would perfer Sheets. Sheets is a better pitcher. He can strike guys out. And when he does pitch, he is a horse. He goes into the 7th inning as much as anybody else in the league. Yes, he was hurt the last couple of years. But he had 30 plus starts his first 3 years in the majors. And last year also. He is 30 years old, Lowe is 35. And I don’t think Lowe has a championship pedigree. Other than 2004, he has won nothing. He was bad in the NLCS last year, was bad in 2003 (which is why they moved him into the bullpen), and was bad against the Mets in 2006. He had one good month in October, I don’t think we should over rate that. He is not a top tier pitcher. Ben Sheets is. Sub 3.3 era his last 4 years. Strike batters out. Knows the NL. Injuries happen, but what if Sheets stays healthy. He could win 18 games. I don’t think Lowe can do that.


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