Burrell Signs With Rays

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It has now become official. Burrell has signed with the Rays. I think this is a great deal for the Rays. Great job!

MLB.com is reporting the Tampa Bay Rays are pretty much set to sign OF Pat Burrell to two years at $16 million.

I’m surprised Burrell is willing to sign that contract. I would’ve thought he would’ve gone for more years since he is only 32 years old. He could have gotten more years from another team.

Looks like I might be getting another Christmas present. Burrell will be out of the National League.

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Ed Leyro

It must be odd to leave a championship team to join the team you beat for the championship. That’s just the way sports is nowadays. Now that he’ll be a full-time DH, he can truly become Pat the Bat. As long as he stays far away from Citi Field, he can swing for the fences all he wants. I hope he brings his NY-killer attitude to Yankee Stadium and tees off against Sabathia and Burnett.


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