Andy Pettitte Rejects Yankees

By / January 6, 2009 / Hot Stove

Andy Pettitte has finally awoken from his slumber. His dreams of returning the Yankees have been popped when he declined their $10 million offer for one year.

There is no other way to describe this decision except by calling it dumb.

I do not see the Yankees increasing their offer to bring him back. Then again, these are the Yankees we are talking about.

Pettitte is looking for $16 million. His performance from last season does not warrant that amount. I do not want to hear “oh he was distracted because of the hearings” or anything like that. No excuses! You are an athlete who gets paid millions of dollars. Do your job or we will find someone else who can!

So that still leaves a hole in the Yankees rotation. If they fail to bring back Pettitte, it will be one of their minor leaguers who will be filling that spot.

Some are saying they will go after Derek Lowe. If they did not offer Pettitte more money, what makes you think they will go after Lowe?

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