Cardinals Desperate for Closer

By / January 7, 2009 / Hot Stove

According to reports in the International Herald Tribune, the St. Louis Cardinals are desperate for a closer and could use Chris Carpenter in that role.

The Cardinals were purusing the same agents as the Mets and almost ever other team who needed a closer, K-Rod, Brian Fuentes, and Trevor Hoffman. The first two have since signed elsewhere and have cooled off on bringing in Hoffman.

Instead, they are looking to convert a pitcher they already have to be a closer. Since Carpenter has been injured often, Tony LaRussa feels he would be better as a closer. He said, “We want Chris pitching for us, and if I was told he couldn’t be healthy throwing 100 pitches every five days and he could be a reliever, I’d take him as a reliever.”

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Ed Leyro

LaRussa is saying all the right things about Carpenter, but I read on that the Cardinals don’t have as much money to spend on free agents as we were led to believe. That could be a reason why they’re looking internally for a closer. With teams still actively looking for closers (Cardinals, Brewers), it’s incredible the Mets were able to sign K-Rod and trade for JJ Putz.

Tanya Mercado

Nobody was willing to pay what the Mets were. That’s the only reason the Mets got K-Rod. Most teams cannot pay what the Mets, Yankees, and the Red Sox can.

I was stunned the Mets managed to get JJ Putz. I’m still upset about what we gave up though. Putz better do well or he will have me to deal with.


I think Carpenter would be a decent closer. Wainwright did a good job in that role, but I can see why Carpenter would be a better fit, considering his injury problems in the past.

The JJ deal was a good one for the mets. Omar took care of the bullpen problems. He got rid of players that didn’t perform well, and brought in two guys who had a combine 170 saves the last 2 seasons.


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