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It was announced today on MLB.com that Mets reliever and lefty specialist Pedro Feliciano will join the Puerto Rican team in the World Baseball Classic.

I am completely against major league baseball players getting involved with it. I understand they want to play for their country and that’s all fine and dandy. My problem is it takes away from Spring Training.

Spring Training is where the players come together, learn to play together and get to know each other. The WBC takes the players away from this.

With K-Rod and JJ Putz new to the Mets bullpen, I think it would be important to start forming that bond that pitchers in the bullpen need to have. It’s a bond unlike any other on a baseball team. After all, they are isolated from the rest of the team until they are brought in to pitch and sit on the bench.

Since I am Puerto Rican, go Puerto Rico. Make us proud.

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Ed Leyro

I would also like to see players spend the month of March together with their teammates in Spring Training. Because of free agency and trades, Spring Training is the time to establish team chemistry with the new players. Playing in the WBC doesn’t allow for this to happen. It’s too bad there’s no easy solution for what time of year the WBC should be played.

By the way, I also come from a Puerto Rican background, but I’ll be rooting for the USA. I wasn’t too happy with their performance in 2006 and have been looking forward to a solid WBC from the American team.


Tanya, loving your blogs.

I for one love the WBC. I think it is fun and exciting but I also agree that there is no time to play it. I am happy that it isn’t a once a year thing. I am not too upset with ball players missing it. Most guys are playing for the same teams, so there is no adjustments. Feliciano for instance, like Arod, Jeter, Pedroia are playing for the same team, with the same manager. So, I don’t think team chemistry is that big of a deal. Also, I don’t by into Team chemistry for baseball as much. I think it is very overrated. No matter how much bullpen guys get a long, only one can pitch at a time. So, it doesn’t matter that everyone likes a certain pitcher in the bullpen, if he is giving up runs every apperance.


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