Mets Meet Boras Today

By / January 7, 2009 / Hot Stove

Since Scott Boras was in New York yesterday to introduce Mark Texeira as a Yankee, he is going to try to kill three birds with one stone.

He is set to meet with Omar Minaya today to continue discussions about Derek Lowe and Oliver Perez. Hopefully the Mets can sign at least one of them.

Boras made a quote that sent me rolling off my bed this morning. He was asked about the discussions with the Mets and said this, “In my discussions with teams, I don’t really talk about offers that I have received and not received. I read about these things, but I don’t really acknowledge them.”

HA! Since when? Maybe he is right. Maybe he doesn’t. If that’s true, then he is just making things up whenever he throws numbers out there. Then again, that is something we already knew.

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