No Longer Feel Bad For Romero

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I woke up to the freezing cold and icy roads this morning in Pennsylvania. I did not want to get out of bed. So I turned on my cellphone and went to ESPN. God bless Verizon. There is another side to the J.C. Romero story.

I was on board with everyone else where I did not fault Romero for his use of the supplement, 6-OXO. It looked like he did his part in researching to make sure it was okay to take. It was approved by the Phillies trainers and by a nutrionist.

According to ESPN’s Rob Neyer, the label on the product explicitly states, “Use of this product may be banned by some atheltic or government associations (including military).” It even said, “for hardcore users only”.

In another turn of events, Neyer reported that Patrick Arnold, a man linked to BALCO, owns the product Ergopharm which 6-OXO is a product of. What resulted in the positive test was androstendione, something Arnold is known for. “He served several months in jail due to his involvement [in the BALCO case] and is now back in business”, continued Neyer.

So to Romero and the trainers I say, read the label. It is not rocket science. If it says it may be banned, do not even bother buying it. I take back my sympathy.

For more information on this product and how it works, you can go to the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

The label for 6-OXO Extreme is what had the warning. Regardless, it is still associated with Arnold and his company.

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