Did The Mets Really Do It?

By / January 8, 2009 / Hot Stove, Rumors

There are rumors circling the ‘net that the New York Mets have made an offer to RHP Tim Redding.

Before you people start having coronaries over this, look at his numbers against the Phillies: 3-1 with a 3.41 ERA in five starts. Not too shabby. A decent fallback if the Mets cannot get Lowe.

The Mets are been reported to have interest in the pitcher for two months now and nothing has come of it. Now we are getting reports that an offer has been made.

Ironically, nobody can say for sure if this is true. No numbers are being thrown out for us to know about.

So I have to ask: Is this really true?

The New York Post is reporting it is as is the Associated Press.

Does that mean it is true? NO WAY!

I say nothing is concrete unless I hear numbers. Take this with a grain of salt. Neither MetsBlog.com nor Mets.com will say for sure if it is true. They use the same sources as I did.

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Ed Leyro

I understand he does well against the Philthies, but he would get no more than six of his 32 or 33 starts against them. He could also get six starts against the Marlins and Braves. His career ERA against them is 4.98 and 5.34, respectively. He had a decent season for a poor team last year. The only positive about bringing him onto the Mets is that he’ll be an inexpensive acquistion. I hope the Mets consider him only if the other names they’ve considered become impossible to acquire. When you report it as true, then I will believe it.

JDawgsthe 1

ESPN1050 in New York reports that the Mets and Tim Redding have agreed to terms on a one-year, $2.2 million contract.

This guy could win 13/14 games for the Mets… all for less then $3 mill?? Not bad Omar!! Use the savings & upgrade the offer to Lowe a little… Lets get this done!


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