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By / January 8, 2009 / Hot Stove

They want Xavier Nady back from the Yankees. The Yanks could entertain this idea.

How about Nick Swisher?

The Yankees are considering it because there are just way too many first basemen on their team.

Here’s a thought. Put Nady in the outfield and keep him in case Hideki Mat-phooey gets hurt again. Then trade Nick Swisher for another starter. Rocket science, I know.

Nady would be the most available to be traded because he will be up for arbitration and is set to get a raise over $3.35 million.

Now the Yankees decide to be cheap. Sheesh!

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Ed Leyro

Mat-phooey? Dang! I wish I had thought of that. That’s awesome!

The Yankees might be stuck with Swisher because of his salary. I agree if the Yankees want to do the smart thing, they should keep Nady. His power numbers remained decent once he was traded to the Yankees even if his batting average went down. If they want to trade him, I’m sure the Mets would love him back!


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