J.J. In The WBC Too

By / January 12, 2009 / Spring Training

If you see your 2009 New York Mets doing lousy, here’s why.

The Mets seem to be losing players to the World Baseball Classic.

The newest member of the bullpen, J.J. Putz, has now decided to pitch in it as well as a member of Team USA, this according to MLB.com.

At least he will get to know one member of his new team, David Wright.

Pedro Feliciano is set to go for Puerto Rico with Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado as well.

In the meantime, Jose Reyes wanted to play for the Dominican Republic.

Francisco “K-Rod” Rodriguez and Johan Santana will be representing Venezuela.

For those of you who wanted to go to Spring Training, you may want to hold off. You will hardly get your money’s worth.

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Haha yeah like the last WBC. Where it is great to see all the stars in one venue, I am a Mets fan and after the last 3 years of “failure” this team needs to focus on why they are here…To win a championship as the New York Mets! Not as DR or PR or USA. If we didn’t have a chance I would relish the WBC but we do ,and spring training is the time to get back to the fundamentals and learning how to play as a unit boyh of which we lacked last year!!! WBC go away!!! I feel better now!


I love the WBC. And instead of going to Spring Training, go to WBC games instead. I agree that Spring training is very important. But, the every day players won’t miss a beat. They will get, probably more game at bats, early in spring training. Most baseball players, will rather win for their country, then their paycheck. So, these guys will work hard. The only thing that should be worry Met fans is starting pitchers. They don’t throw enough at WBC to build up their arm strength. But, we only have one, who is the best pitcher in the NL and I am sure, he will build it up before May. Relief pitching is a different animal, they need to throw everyday. So, they will get that at WBC. Doing bullpens and side sessions. Plus, our bench and young players will get more playing time in Spring training. May help us down the road, either this year or next.


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