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By / January 12, 2009 / Hot Stove

Jon Heyman announced on the MLB Network that Oliver Perez has now received an offer from the New York Mets.

The offer is being said to be for three years worth around $30 million.

That is so laughable. Let’s be realistic. If the Derek Lowe said “no” to a $36 million contract, the Mets surely cannot be thinking Perez will go for the $30 million deal. Scott Boras is his agent for heaven’s sake.

Even I would not have offered him that. I would’ve given him $45 million for three years. I would’ve thrown in incentives to make the contract look better.

This is ridiculous. No way are the Mets going to fill that rotation spot with these pathetic offers.

I understand Perez was not stellar. I am the first to say it because every year he has been with the team I have ripped him a new one. That does not mean you come in with a cheap contract like that.

No way will he sign. God help us if Jonathan Niese is in the Mets rotation on opening day.

God help me!

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Ed Leyro

Perhaps Minaya is starting low because there aren’t too many teams inquiring about his services. If there were six or seven teams going after Ollie, I could see him offering more to make sure he doesn’t get trampled by the other offers. Since the number of teams going after Ollie appears small, he might as well start low and then he can work his way up if he has to. He might have to raise it to your offer of 3 years and $45 million eventually, but why be like Yankees and offer so much as a first offer when the potential is there to sign Ollie for less than an average yearly salary of $15 million?


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