Subpoenas Issued

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Well the Yankees are going to have their hands full in legal problems.

Yankees president Randy Levine and Industrial Development Agency Chairman Seth Pinsky were both subpoened by Assemblyman Richard Brodsky.

They are part of an ongoing investigation to why public funds are being used to build the new Yankee Stadium.

The accusations are pretty strong.

Brodsky is accusing the city and the Yankees of “of secret negotiations that altered property assessments to make the deal legal and to provide a free luxury suite for city officials”, as stated on

He continues on in saying, “the project won’t create enough permanent jobs to justify the public funding.”

Keep in mind, both the New York Mets and the Yankees have requested more public funding, which I am against. You already received money. Work with what you are given.

Unlike the Mets, the deal the Yankees made with the city for their new park has been under intense scrutiny since the very beginning.

A park which was very important to that community, was ripped apart to make room for the stadium. The Yankees were supposed to have replaced the park as originally promised immediately. They had not begun work on it until this year, which left hundreds of children without a park to play baseball, a pool to swim, or a track to run on.

This story comes on the heels of the reports the Bloomberg administration was told they would not get the luxury suites from the Mets.

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