Johan Hopes To Be Ready

By / January 15, 2009 / Offseason

Hopes? Papa, you better be ready.

Sorry. My Puerto Rican side just came out.

New York Mets ace Johan Santana has had it pretty rough since September.

Not only has he had to deal with the Mets missing the playoffs like the fans, he had to have surgery on his knee. He’s still rehabbing and has yet to throw a pitch. In October he had a torn meniscus repaired.

That is just the beginning. Death seems to be running rampant in this world and struck Santana’s family. His 10-year-old nephew was killed in automobile accident two weeks ago.

It’s no wonder he is anxious to start the season. Work is always the perfect healer. It doesn’t give you a chance to think about anything else.

Santana was supposed to pitch in the World Baseball Classic as a member of the Venezuelan team. However, because of his knee, it is yet to be determined if it is a go.

Reports on are saying he will report to Port St. Lucie at least a week before he should to be examined. Based on what the doctors and trainers tell him, the decision will be made. Obviously, the Mets have to come first.

Despite he is on schedule with his rehab, it is true he has not thrown a pitch and no one can tell for sure how his push off leg will hold up. A torn meniscus is painful if not healed properly.

A short medical note:

The meniscus is cartilage in the knee which prevents the femur from rubbing against the tibia. Once that cartilage is gone or receives a tear, the bones begin to grind against each other.

There can be complications which is why it is important for Santana to be checked again. If the meniscus were to move and get caught in an abnormal way between the two bones, the knee becomes painful, swollen, and difficult to move.

We’ll see what the future holds for the Ace of our staff.

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Ed Leyro

My father had surgery to repair a partially torn meniscus two years ago. He’s still constantly going to his doctor because of pain that causes him to walk with a slight limp. Granted, my father is in his seventies and doesn’t have expert trainers working with him like Johan does, but I’m definitely concerned for Johan’s health.

Tanya Mercado

The meniscus normally wears out as we get old anyway. That’s probably why your father is constantly going back to the doctors. Johan still has plenty of cartilage there. It’s just a matter of it staying in place.


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