Getting Crowded in The Bullpen

By / January 17, 2009 / Offseason

So now I am hearing that Billy Wagner could be back in the middle of August.

If this is the case, we might actually have a crowded bullpen. Wouldn’t that be nice?

I would not look too deep into yet though. Wagner only wants to close.

It could be a chance for the Mets to get a starting pitcher. The Mets could trade him before the trade deadline should their rotation fall apart.

The St. Louis Cardinals are still looking for a closer. They are converting one of their starters for that role. That could be their temporary fix.

I would not worry about it. Who knows! It’s only half a season. Maybe Wagner will consider…nah! He wants to be a closer. He won’t have it any other way.

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I don’t think any one team would consider in taking Wagner via a trade since he’ll be rehabing during the season which makes it difficult to up his value since other major league teams want to see how he fares with major league hitting rather than minor league hitters so he’ll probably be a call up in September. Also I believe Wagner’s contract is up after the ’09 season so if he signs with another team then the Mets would be compensated with draft picks.


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