Put Up or Shut Up, Beltran!

By / January 17, 2009 / Offseason

Those are my exact words to Carlos Beltran.

Mr. Shy is flapping his gums again…but at least it is not about the Mets being the team to beat.

The last time he did this, he did not exactly have a stellar season. He has not been an All-Star since the Mets last post season berth back in 2006.

His stats for 2008 alone were: .284 BA, 27 HR’s, and 112 RBI’s.

Naturally he thinks the Mets have a championship caliber team.

Not with their current pitching rotation. They’ll be lucky if they end the season in third place, behind the Philadelphia Phillies and the Atlanta Braves.

I don’t want any of the Mets to start talking trash. The entire team needs to stop listening to what is being said in Philly and concentrate on their training and giving the fans something to cheer for in October.

I want Beltran to hit home runs, doubles, triples, steal bases and hit over .300 for a change.

To all of the Mets, talk is cheap. Do your talking on the field. Like all women tell the men in their lives, including me, actions speak louder than words.

Prove your worth.

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Ed Leyro

A month ago K-Rod said he believed the Mets could win the East after Hamels made his comments and you wrote a blog blessing him for his grit. Now you say you don’t want any Mets talking trash. Maybe you just have a thing against Beltran because I think that other than his first season with the Mets in 2005, he’s been fantastic.

We don’t need Beltran to finish the season with a .300 batting average as long as he continues to score and drive in over 100 runs and play stellar defense. He carried the Astros to the post-season in the second half of 2005. Do you know he only hit .258 for the Astros? But his clutch hitting was superb and because of it, no one remembers that relatively low batting average. If he can hit .300 in the clutch, then I don’t care if his overall average is .270 or .280. I don’t want Beltran to say “we’re the team to beat” but I don’t mind him having confidence in his teammates and saying that he does. Just my opinion on the topic.

Tanya Mercado

You just recently started reading my blogs. If you have been following me from the beginning when I was writing on myspace and MagicMets.com, you would know that I have always defended Beltran. I just think he should shut his mouth and put up the numbers he is being paid for. He has not been that stellar guy he was in postseason for the Astros in offense. That is the bottom line. RBI’s are not enough to me.

I have always defended his defense and in other areas. I defend him at Mets games, in message boards, and other websites. Sorry if you don’t agree with my opinion.


Dude you’re missing the point. This is not about K-Rod…I for one am glad that K-Rod said that. Now as for Beltran..I agree with tanya that he should stay quiet. Let your bat and glove do your talking. Beltran with what god has blessed him with should bat 290-300 hit 30-35 HR’s and drive in 110-125 RBI’s. I lost count how many times Beltran failed in the clutch…Again i like Beltran but in my opinon he’s NOT that player that we saw in the postseason for the Astros. Beltran’s a very good player..but he should be a great player. Beltran should stop with the whole talking with the media and just focus on being the best Met he can be.


Ok now the Beltran comment was blown out of proportion…Carlos is a very low keyed guy and was just showing confidence in his team. If anyone remembers the 86 team and all the cockiness, they really didnt talk so much trash but every team hated them and they still rose to the occasion despite it. Our team of 09 needs to get some cockiness and swagger back, but also be able to back it up on the field. Then they can talk all they want!!!


Look the bottom line is if omar brings Ollie back on top of what we have right now..Yes the mets have everything to win it all in 09. But starting with spring training thru Oct..the Mets should go on the field with swagger and expect to win every game. When they lose a game they should be pissed off. They need to take the last two years out on everyone and own the NL.


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