Could Wigginton Come Back?

By / January 18, 2009 / Offseason

I started this blog back in December last year. I was not going to put it up, but I have been fielding e-mails about it. So I decided to address it.

Many Mets fans have the same complaint: “This team has no heart. They aren’t gritty enough.”

Well this got me thinking. How about Ty Wigginton coming back to the Mets? Remember when he barreled into the catcher?

Move David Wright to first base. Wright’s defense at third is anything but stellar.

I’ve always liked Wiggy. It would be great for him to come back. He was very bitter when the Mets let him go. Remember, he was the one who groomed Wright to play third base when he came up from the minors.

I say the Mets should consider grooming Wright for first place in the event Carlos Delgado leaves. This gives the Mets some trade bait for by the trading deadline.

Here are Wigginton’s numbers for 2008 with the Astros: .285 BA, 23 HR’s, and 58 RBI’s.

While his RBI’s are pretty low, I think he can improve that with some work with the Mets training staff.

Some of you might bring up that he has played second base. But he’s too limited. He’s better playing in the corners.

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I Love the idea of bringing Wiggington back to the Mets, And having him on the bench this year would add the Grit that you like so much tanya, I’d like to see him at First base when Delgado is off. A little third base too when Wright is off, and when Castillo gets hurt he can play second base. Get Him Omar Wiggy is a sparkplug.


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