Papelbon Might Leave Boston

By / January 18, 2009 / Offseason

Bill Madden of the New York Daily News talks about Jonathan Papelbon wants to test the free agent market when his contract is up in three years.

Apparently, he is not happy as a closer and knows he won’t get the big bucks unless he does leave the Boston Red Sox and become a starter again.

Well! I never heard of such a thing. Are you kidding me?

The only teams that could afford him are the Red Sox, the Yankees, the Mets (I’ll scream murder if they think about it), and LA.

If the Red Sox were to lose him, that would be a big blow.

Then again, K-Rod’s contract will be up around that time and they could go after him.

Stranger things have happened.

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Madden is nuts. Papelbon doesn’t want to be a starter. What he really wants to do is be a trendsetter for the position as far as winning arbitration and then with the contract. The Red Sox aren’t going to let him go that easily.


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