Sanchez Did Not Earn It

By / January 19, 2009 / Offseason

Reliever Duaner Sanchez has received a remarkable amount of money from the Mets today. According to the New York Post, he went from earning $950,000 last year to $1,687,500 this year.

All this to avoid arbitration hearings.

Personally, I do not think he earned this money. Granted, he was out for a year recovering from surgeries, but when he did come back, he did not do much. Down the stretch he had an 8.64 ERA. Those are not great numbers.

Let’s hope he earns it this year.

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Ed Leyro

If the fans find out about this undeserved raise, he’d better not have any long poor stretches because they’ll have even more reason to boo him. He could become the new Heilman or Schoeneweis where he’ll be booed just for being in the room. Putz and K-Rod can’t pitch in every game so if the Mets play in a number of consecutive close games, Sanchez might pitch a few eighth innings himself. I wish him luck. He’ll need it.


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