Mets Avoid Arbitration Hearings

By / January 21, 2009 / Offseason

With the signing of outfielders Ryan Church and Angel Pagan, the Mets have managed to avoid arbitration hearings with a total of three players who filed.

Reliever Pedro Feliciano and starting pitcher John Maine remain as the two lone players still unsigned.

According to, Church will receive $2.8 million in his one-year contract. While Pagan gets $575,000 in his one-year deal.

These are the deals Main and Feliciano are seeking according to the site.

Maine wants $3 million vs the Mets proposal of $2.2 million. Feliciano wants $1.95 million. The club is only going $600,000 less than that.

Maine did not exactly produce. So for his request of a raise of $2.55 million is absurd. When he can pitch at least six innings and win 15-18 games, then he can come knocking on the door for more money.

I do not have a problem with Feliciano’s request. When he was given a specific role, he was great. It was not until the Mets started calling on him in situations he was not used to, that he started faltering. So give him the money.

Looks like they just might be going to arbitration hearings with these two.

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