Papelbon Sets New Record

By / January 21, 2009 / Offseason

Boston Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon has set a new record only a day after Bobby Jenks did.

To avoid arbitration hearings, the Red Sox and Papelbon have agreed to a one-year contract worth $6.25 million.

While both sides had discussions for a multi-year deal, they could not come to terms. ESPN News reports the two sides will still talk about a longer contract.

In a previous blog I wrote how Papelbon plans to test the free agent market when his contract expires in 2011. Apparently, that still seems to stand.

The previous record set by a closer in arbitration was $5.65 million for Chicago White Sox closer, Bobby Jenks. The record before that was $5 million. That was back in 2004 by Eric Gagne.

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