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By / January 22, 2009 / Hot Stove

Freddy Garcia is the latest minor league scrap. Isn’t that just dandy!

Rather than getting a solid pitcher who will actually fit in the rotation, we get another person in the minors who costs money.

The New York Daily News is saying the deal can be worth upwards to around $8 or $9 million if he makes the major league team out of Spring Training.

I have a better idea. Scrap Garcia! Get me Ben Sheets or Oliver Perez. Then we don’t have to worry about try outs  and we can just proceed with a solid rotation.

What an intriguing thought! I know!

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I agree with both of you.
After watching Garcia showcase for the Tigers at the end of this past season, I believe it COULD be a good signing. That is if Garcia is healthy and if so, if he can stay healthy. Take a look at his stats from his September callup with Detroit:

09/17 @TEX 1 0 0 5.0 2 0 1 3
09/23 KC 0 1 0 5.0 7 5 2 6
09/29 @CHW 0 0 0 5.0 2 2 3 3

He pitched well considering he hadn’t thrown a ball for almost a complete season and a half. Not much heat but showed that he could replace lack of velocity with movement and location. A true veteran. Something the Mets desperately need. Unfortunately, he came out of a Venezuelan Winter League start on November 27th. On December 5th his AGENT claimed that there was no structural damage. The Mets need to start stock piling pitchers as they are not 100% sure about Maine’s health and let’s face it Pelfrey (although he seemed to come into his own last year) can’t be penciled in for the production of a two or three starter just yet. He has more to prove before that can happen. Another positive is that Garcia will only be 32 at the start of the season. If he regains his winning form he could be around for the next three to five seasons (or more).
With that being said, NOW the Mets need to go out and get Oliver and/or Sheets. I prefer Sheets. Let’s call Oliver’s inconsistancy and/or wildness an injury. Compared with Sheets inability to stay healthy all things are equal. If you have to choose, why not go with a pitcher who is a number one when everything is right rather than a maybe number two during his best days. In other words bring in Ben. Hopefully you can pencil in at least two of the following pitchers during the course of this upcoming season. Sheets, Redding, Garcia and/or Niese.

Ed Leyro

Garcia could help the Mets…if this was five years ago and he was still pitching well. I’d rather sign Sheets to a short, incentive-laden deal, but then the Mets would lose draft picks whereas signing Ollie wouldn’t cost draft picks. Garcia is not the answer and I sure hope Omar has something else on his mind.


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