The Campaign for Sheets Ends Here

By / January 26, 2009 / Hot Stove

In light of new information, like a torn muscle in the upper part of his back, I feel the New York Mets should stop their curiosity for Ben Sheets.

Ever since Mets fans have been screaming for him to become a Met, I have been against it. This proves me right.

However, when I learned the Philadelphia Phillies were interested, I panicked and said the Mets should bring him aboard. It was just to block the Phillies from obtaining him.

This new crucial piece of information from his medical records just proved I was right when I saw he is too injury prone and not worth the risk.

The article in the newspaper even said he is “destined for Tommy John surgery”.

I would rather have Oliver Perez, despite his inconsistencies.

That has always been the big debate. Which is better to bring aboard: inconsistency or injury?

Both are a great debate. Think about it this way.

Can either one be effective? Or which one would be more effective?

A pitcher who can actually make it to the mound, but remains inconsistent?

How about a pitcher who can give you three games pitching like an ace, but remains out the rest of the season?

They are big questions. Yet a decision has to be made.

I would take the inconsistent pitcher. He can give you at least 10-15 good games. Why? Quite simply, he is actually out there pitching. He can improve. He can become consistent.

The injury prone pitcher would likely remain injury prone. He would not be on the mound. So what good is he? He isn’t.

The Mets need to discontinue any interest they have in Sheets and remain steadfast in their pursuit of Perez. At least Perez can stay on the mound.

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