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Somebody who agrees with me. Thank you, Jerry Manuel.

In an interview with Daily News Live on SNY last night, New York Mets skipper, Jerry Manuel, had the following to say about the World Baseball Classic.

I wish [there] wouldn’t have been a baseball classic at this time …I wish we wouldn’t have had the Classic in my first year as a manager because I feel the core players are the players I need to manage…in Spring Training more than anybody else…

Those are the guys you want to make sure understand what you’re looking for and what you want and then they can manage the rest of the guys a little bit.

But with this Classic going on, I probably won’t get them back until…sparingly throughout Spring Training…but the 23rd of March we are gonna have to do some serious things to get everybody in line.”

This is the very reason why I am against the WBC using major league baseball players. Unfortunately, there is no convenient time to have the WBC.

I, like Manuel, understand players want to represent their country. It’s an honor to do so. It just takes away from the regular baseball season, especially for the pitchers.

They are pitching at full strength in March and then have to pitch an additional 162 games during the regular season. Even more if their team makes it to the playoffs.

Personally, I think it should just be for minor leaguers and then players in their countries.

Spring Training is very crucial for managers, especially first year managers. They have to get their players used to the way they manage and tell them what is expected, regardless if they were an interim manager.

This is Manuel first year. It’s his show from beginning to end. He wants to run a good show. He needs his players there.

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Ed Leyro

This is one of the reasons why I love Jerry Manuel as a manager. Not only does he not use clichés as so many players and managers do, but he puts so much thought into his comments. He makes so much sense with his opinions on the WBC. The Mets players are split up on so many WBC teams, getting coached by different managers. Imagine having to listen to all those different managerial styles and then having to come back to Jerry Manuel. It’s almost as if he has to re-program them when they return so they follow his tutelage instead of the instructions they may have picked up from their respective WBC managers.

A better time for the WBC would be in November after the season ends, but I’m sure the players union would object to that because they wouldn’t want any players to get hurt while trying to negotiate their next lucrative contract.


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