Mets New Offer For Perez

By / January 27, 2009 / Offseason

We all know the Mets have upped their offer for Oliver Perez. What we don’t know is was it money or years?

ESPN 1050 reported during the Rangers game it was for an additional year. So the offer is now for four years. It would make sense to assume it would be $40 million. That would make it $10 million per year.

I think it’s a great deal. Either he signs or let him walk. Enough of this back and forth nonsense.

ESPN radio added the Mets are still in contact with the agents of Jon Garland, Ben Sheets, and Randy Wolf. They are the Mets fallback guys.

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Ed Leyro

Four years and $40 million would be fair. No other team appears to be busting down the door for Ollie’s services. I hope Omar is not outbidding himself for Ollie. I would love it if the Mets re-signed Ollie for much less than Derek Lowe money and then they faced each other with Ollie and the Mets coming out on top every time.

Tanya Mercado

I hate to say it, but that’s exactly what the Mets are doing. Nobody else has even made an offer for Perez. So I don’t see why Minaya is doing this. Other teams are worried about his inconsistency. The real money should be spent on Manny.


I agree with you tanya..but Omar cannot take a chance here with Ollie, you never know if another team comes out and signs him. I say give Ollie 4 years 37 million dollars..and then give Manny the same or just a bit better offer that the Dodgers gave him and the Mets will be set for war.


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