Mr. Met Wins First Place

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Thanks to Alan for making me aware of this article.

Forbes magazine has ranked Mr. Met has the number one mascot in sports. Guess who he beat out! Archrival the Phillie Phanatic, who came in at number two.

I cannot stand the Phanatic. He’s about as annoying and obnoxious as the fans.

Though Forbes likes to say it is a sweet revenge for Mets fans, I would hardly call it that. When the Mets take the division back, then come talk to me. It’s a very minor victory.

They also took a cheap shot at the Yankees and their potential for a mascot:

what mascot could anyone imagine the Yankees employing? Pinstripe–the hedge fund billionaire?

I thought that was rather funny. They even called them “corporate, humorless”. We all knew they’re all white collared.

The Boston Red Sox mascot, Wally the Green Monster, came in fourth.

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It’s only right that Mr.Met would finish on top. Mr.Met is the first mascot in baseball history to be at the ballpark for the fans to for Mr.Met to be on top now is the way it should be. And yes i agree with you on the Phanatic, he is really annoying. Can someone tell me what the Phanatic is ? Really what is he ? Lol…..


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