Heilman Shipped Out…AGAIN!

By / January 28, 2009 / Hot Stove

As I reported earlier, the Seattle Mariners were making plans to move Aaron Heilman out. They have officially done it.

Adam McCalvy and Jim Street of MLB.com are reporting the Mariners have traded Heilman to the Chicago Cubs in exchange for infielder Ronny Cedeno and left-handed pitcher Garrett Olson.

It could be good for Heilman. He gets to go home. Yet, I think it is a blow at the same time.

It appears the Mariners had assured him he would be auditioning for a spot in their rotation. It isn’t going to happen.

He will have to settle for auditioning for the Cubbies who would actually have more rotation vacancies available should the Jake Peavy deal not happen.

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Wow..i can say i’m not shocked that Heilman was traded by the Mariners. I think this is a good and bad thing for him. It’s good that Heilman is out of the AL, he would get rocked in the AL with his two pitches. At least now in the NL he has a chance to do ok. Going home to Chicago with the Cubs is going to be a bad thing for him. The reason i say this is as we Mets fans know, Heilman let the Boos at Shea get to him. How do think he’ll feel when his hometown Cubs fans boo him when he blows a game for them. I wish Heilman luck, lord know he’ll really need it. He’ll need it most when his Cubs come to the Citi to play the Mets.


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