Is Martinez Back?

By / January 28, 2009 / Hot Stove

It just might be something that can occur. At least that’s what Jon Heyman on seems to think.

The only way Omar Minaya would consider bringing Pedro Martinez back is if he can bring back Oliver Perez. We all know how much Pedro wants to come back. But is it worth it?

I honestly can’t say that I do. Why bring him back? The Mets already have Tim Redding and Freddy Garcia in the minors. Garcia is risk enough. The Mets should not bring in another one.

Pedro, retire! We understand you feel you have loose ends to tie up here in New York. But you end up looking bad if you come back and get hurt again. You are already a Hall of Famer. Keep it that way.

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I think Omar should bring Pedro back. You could never have enough pitching, if Pedro agrees to take a discount contract, and i think he would..then Omar should get this done. Just look at this staff 1-Santana 2-Pelfrey 3-Perez 4-Martinez 5-Redding/Garcia and you also have the kid Jon Neise who would not need to be rushed to the bigs in 09. Mets need to think big in 09..

Tanya Mercado

Martinez has too much pride to be a number four. I’m sorry. His time is up. Move it along. Oh and you forgot about Maine. So it would Santana, Pelfrey, Ollie, Maine, Redding/Garcia.


How can i forget I still say sign Pedro, at this stage in his career he knows he’s no longer a top 3 pitcher on most staffs around MLB. I really believe Pedro would settle for a 4 or 5 spot on the Mets staff. He’s hungry for a championship and he has unfinished business here in NY, put that together and you have the best 4 or 5 starter in baseball. And if Pedro gets hurt we can put in Redding or Garcia and the Mets will not miss a beat. Like i always could never have enough pitching. Bring Pedro back ! He want’s back lets bring him back !


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