Pedro Is Undergoing Tryouts

By / February 2, 2009 / Hot Stove

He’s using the World Baseball Classic to do it, according to Pedro Martinez’s agent Fernando Cuza.

Last week, the New York Post quoted Cuza as saying:

“[Martinez] wanted to use the Classic…as an opportunity to showcase himself, to demonstrate to teams what kind of condition he’s in right now.”

This is a very good idea. Most teams would not even consider Martinez because of recent history of rash injuries. This would be a perfect stage for him to display if he is truly healthy.

As much as some Mets fans would like the Mets to bring Martinez back, I think he should just retire. He’s a guaranteed first ballot Hall of Famer.

However, he would be a great addition to a team that has a young pitching staff, such as the Florida Marlins and the San Francisco Giants. His knowledge of the game would be priceless for their staff. Just not for the Mets.

Good luck, Pedro!

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