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David Lennon of Newsday reports Willie Randolph is about to come out with own book chronicling his time in the major leagues, highlighting moments with the New York Mets and the New York Yankees. The name of the book is, “Rising Son: Mets, Yankees, and My Journey to the Big Leagues”.

There’s a shocker! Right on the heels of Joe Torre’s book. The book is set for release on April 1, 2009.

Most people would think he would bash the Mets. Omar Minaya and company knew about the book he was writing with Daily News writer Wayne Coffey.

However, according to Lennon, Randolph had a confidentiality clause in his contract when he signed with the Mets. In the event of his firing, he is not to speak negatively about the organization or what went on with the team, especially since he is owed $2.25 million.

Randolph had this to say about the “gag order”:

“Then [Omar Minaya] handed me an envelope, a little parting gift, and told me to make sure I reviewed it with my agent, Ron Shapiro. It was a copy of my Met contract that basically says I better not say anything detrimental about the team, or I might jeopardize the rest of the money I have coming to me.”

Good for the Mets. Bitterness never bodes well in books. I do not mind if a past manager writes about their time with an organization. I have a problem if he just outright bashes everyone because he is bitter.

Randolph was a decent manager. He made a lot of bad calls, but so does everybody. Somewhere along the road, he began to lose respect from his players. How did this happen? We will probably never know. Why did it happen? Again, we may never know.

I will be getting this book and reading it. At that point, I will post my review. If someone knows where I can get an earlier copy, please send me an e-mail at citifieldofdreams@yahoo.com. Thanks!

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Ed Leyro

I wish this book didn’t have to be released so close to opening day. I’m sure the media will be asking players and coaches questions about it when they should be asking them questions about the upcoming season. Let’s hope Willie doesn’t cause a problem in the clubhouse long after he left it.


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