You Want Manny, Go Get Him

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The fans are screaming for Manny Ramirez and are demanding to be heard.

Last week, on Thursday during the Hot Stove Report, a group of Mets fans showed up at the SNY studios to show their support in having Manny come to the New York Mets.

Well, Adam Rubin at the New York Daily News, is reporting there will be another demonstration this Thursday at the SNY studios on 51st Street and Sixth Avenue at the same time, 7pm.

If you feel the Mets should bring him aboard, go ahead and make your way there. Make signs or anything else to show your support.

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I love Manny. Best right handed hitter in the game! The best! Arod is second. Manny is a hall of famer. Has two world series titles and has lived in the playoffs. But, there is a reason he has not been signed. I do not think that the Mets need him. Can he hit? Heck yes! But, do the Mets need him to win a division, no? Mets need pitching first. They have a stronger bullpen, so hopefully holding leads. They still have a very solid pitching staff. Santana, Pelfry, Perez, Maine, Redding/Garcia, and some quality arms in the minors. And they have enough offense. Forget Delgado for now. Reyes, Beltran, Wright are three unique talents. Each can carry a team for weeks. If Church can hit .280 and Delgado can drive in 85 runs, now that is a good top 5. Now, we need our 6,7,8 hitters to be good situational hitters. If Tatis/Murphy/whoever else can drive in and score over 135 runs combine, those are good number for a 6 slot. Now, we need our other guys to get timely hits, to move guys over, to drive guys home from third with less than 2 outs. The mets offense can average 5 runs a game. Doing that with a quality rotation and improved bullpen can lead to a 90+ win year.


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