Wiggy Goes To The AL

By / February 3, 2009 / Offseason

Ty Wiggington is now with the American League. He signed a two year, $6 million deal with the Baltimore Orioles, according to Ken Rosenthal of FoxSports.com.

Wigginton will be taking on the roll of being the DH and the backup for Melvin Mora at third base.

I know most Mets fans wanted Wigginton back on the New York Mets. I was hoping it would be the perfect opportunity to have David Wright move to first base. We all liked his tough attitude.

I’m just glad he is not with the Philadelphia Phillies. I don’t think our catchers could handle him barreling into them.

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Ed Leyro

The O’s now have a solid player on their team in Wigginton and they didn’t have to pay much to get him. Nice pickup by Baltimore. Maybe he can barrel into Posada during one of their many meetings with the Yankees. Then again, I should watch what I say because the Mets do have the Orioles on their interleague schedule in June.


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