Is Boras An Idiot, Or What?

By / February 4, 2009 / Hot Stove

I hereby nominate Scott Boras for “Moron of the Year”.

This man had the audacity to bring up the contracts of CC Sabathia and Mark Teixeira for his reasons on saying “no” to the LA Dodgers latest offer for Manny Ramirez.

This is just stupid. You cannot compare what the Yankees have spent to what other teams can spend. There is no contest. The Yankees will always outbid and outspend everybody, including the New York Mets.

Second of all, those two are much younger than Manny Ramirez. You cannot ask a team to sign a player for seven years when he is at the age of 36. He would be 43 years old when his contract is up. Are you kidding me?

According to Boras, he still has every intention of continuing talks with the Dodgers.

Here’s my question:

If there are other teams dying to have Manny like he says, why is Borass just focusing on the Dodgers?


Because there is no market for Manny. There no other teams dying for him to come over. At least not at the price being demanded. The asking price and length of contract is too much for any team to commit to, even the Yankees.

I’m sure while he was here for the Oliver Perez press conference, he was hoping to get the Mets involved. Not happening, even though we all know Minaya has a man-crush on Manny.

This man is hopeless.

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Ed Leyro

This is why I’m glad teams like the Mets, Nationals and Yankees have all come out publicly to say they have no interest in Manny Ramirez. If more potential Manny buyers follow this, then Boras will have to give in to the Dodgers’ demands or Manny will remain unemployed well into spring training and perhaps longer. This is just too sweet!


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