Mets Contemplating Trade

By / February 4, 2009 / Hot Stove, Rumors

The Mets are looking into the possibility of trading catcher Ramon Castro to free up payroll. So says Joel Sherman at the New York Post. It is only $2.5 million. Nonetheless, it is something.

What would be the reason behind it?

You can argue it could be for another major transaction. Not going to happen. That amount is pocket change. So no hopes of Manny Ramirez people.

Another reason, as Sherman thinks, is because the Mets feel Robinson Cancel and Brian Schneider will be able to do the job fine.

No way! I do not like Cancel at all. I was hoping they would release him. Send him off. Ship him out! Alas, they never listen to me.

As much as I enjoyed watching “Big Head” play, he has proven to be fragile. I’ve talked about this before. I feel the Mets should get someone better. This does not mean I want to see Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez. There’s a reason why they call him “Pudge”.

Thank goodness the Boston Red Sox re-signed Jason Varitek. His name was mentioned to come to New York.

Whatever the reason is, the only team that was interested was the Milwaukee Brewers. They have backed away. When we were hearing trade rumors involving our catchers, it was always Schneider’s name that I heard.

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