The Yankees and Bank of America

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It is about time this came to light. Thank you Newsday for this.

According to the New York based newspaper, the New York Yankees and Bank of America have been in negotiations for major signage all around the new stadium for $20 million.

I’m sorry. Isn’t Bank of America also receiving federal bailout money? Yes they are, $45 billion to be exact.

Don’t they already have naming rights for a stadium? Yes they do. The stadium the Carolina Panthers play in.

You know that major Super Bowl fanfest? You know. The one that was five days long. Right. That one. BoA sponsored it. They’ve had to answer for it. Their excuse was:

Bank of America was honoring a deal signed months before the bailout.”

Ironically, so is Citigroup.

Yet, here’s the straw that breaks my back. The deal with the Yankees has not even been finalized. They are still negotiating, probably using the federal bailout money.

How about that Congress? Or is it because it is the Yankees, it is okay?

Congress is full of nothing but blowhards. Try actually doing something that will benefit the citizens, like passing the stimulus package.

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yes, it could be because it’s the Yankees that the deal isn’t being attacked. but i have another – perception.

The Mets ballpark has the sponsor in the name. “Citi Field”. name recognition. The Yankees ballpark doesn’t (I believe Bank Of America has the right to put their name on the ballpark and chooses not to). It’s LESS common knowledge that BoA has the rights at the new Yankee Stadium than it is that Citibank has the rights at Citi Field. So you attack the name that you can see (attack may not be the right word). So “Citi Field” becomes the target.

Tanya Mercado

BoA doesn’t have the right to put their name on the new Yankee Stadium. It has the rights to put their name all over the inside of the stadium. The Yankees wanted the stadium to remain “Yankees Stadium”. I think that is something the Mets should’ve done rather than giving someone the opportunity to have naming rights.

Ed Leyro

The way sports are now, you’ll be hard-pressed to see a new stadium go up without a corporate name attached to it. Here’s a dream I have that I know will never come true. Do you remember the old ballpark in San Diego the Padres used to play in before it was renamed Qualcomm Stadium? (Dang those corporate names!) It used to be called Jack Murphy Stadium, honoring Bob’s brother. Wouldn’t it be fitting if the Mets played at Bob Murphy Stadium? I know…keep dreaming…

Bank of America should be ashamed of themselves. Instead of putting the bailout money into the bank’s services and customers, it appears they’re more into throwing it away on advertising. Do they honestly think that people are going to go to Yankee Stadium and decide they’re going to switch banks because of an advertisement they saw near the 314 sign that Bobby Abreu wouldn’t have crashed into? I only know of AIG because of Endy Chavez’ catch. Otherwise, I never would’ve noticed it. (Even with that catch, I still can’t tell you what AIG is.)


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