Could Mets Be Sold?

By / February 5, 2009 / Rumors

The Wilpons were devastated by the Madoff scandal. It was so bad, my 9 News reported tonight the Wilpons could be looking for partners to buy into the team.

Mets owner, Fred Wilpon, said the scandal only affected Sterling Equities, another company owned by Wilpon. It would not affect the the operations of the New York Mets. This is what Mets fans were told.

After two years of dire collapses, two years of handing the division over to their NL East rivals, the Philadelphia Phillies, Mets fans felt the Omar Minaya and company would go all out to bring what they need no matter what the price.

Well now we know the truth. The Mets are affected. The Mets just might be going in the beginning of the 2009 baseball team with what they have right now.

Will the Wilpons be seeking out partners to invest in the team? It is not definite. It is a possibility. Nothing more. Nothing less. This is rumor. Nothing is confirmed.

Someone throw the book at Bernie Madoff.

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I did see a partial list somewhere that specifically called out names associated to the Mets and the Wilpons (many family members) and Mets organizations.

Got the article I saw on (about Tim Teufel)


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