Mets Look For Righty Bat

By / February 5, 2009 / Hot Stove

It is no secret the New York Mets need a right-handed bat. Joel Sherman is saying the Mets could have that bat in Rich Aurilia.

The Mets have been showing interest in the former San Francisco Giants player.

His numbers are impressive to say the least, even at his age. Sherman shows his numbers as:

  • .321 vs. lefty pitching with a .526 slugging percentage last year
  • a .494 career slugging percentage against southpaws

Listen, if the Mets really want to make a splash, there is only one player they should be signing. I’m not for it. What I am for is for this organization to do something to win, no matter what it takes.

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Ed Leyro

I shared a class with Aurilia when we were both students at St. John’s in the early nineties so I’d be a little biased if I were to say I’d welcome him to the Mets. In addition to Aurilia’s ability to hit lefties, the Mets could use him to back up Delgado at first in the event of a minor injury or a scheduled day of rest. When the Mets face a lefty and they start Tatis and Castro, they’ll need a righty on the bench. Aurilia may or may not be the answer, but they sure need a righty bat badly and they have to get one soon!


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