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By / February 8, 2009 / Hot Stove

UPDATE: has reported the deal is official. Andruw Jones has now with the Texas Rangers. It is a minor league deal worth $500,000. He can make up to $1 million in bonus money for making 620 plate appearances.

Talk about falling from the wayside. Once a part of the most devastating one-two punch in the Atlanta Braves lineup that, more often than not, would devastate the New York Mets in games is now a minor leaguer.

Altogether now: Awwww!

It looks that way.

Yahoo! Sports is reporting the Texas Rangers have an interest in Andruw Jones. They are proposing a minor league contract in hopes he can come up to replace Josh Hamilton.

Ironically, the New York Yankees made the same offer. Funny how he declined.

The Rangers would like to move Hamilton from centerfield to right field.

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Ed Leyro

I wonder what this would do to Nelson Cruz if Jones were to make the team. Cruz was slated to be the Rangers’ rightfielder this season after having a monster 2008 season (combined minor and major league numbers were .339, 44 HR, 126 RBI, 27 SB). Imagine if he had stayed with the Mets (he was originally taken by the Mets as an amateur free agent in 1998 when he was 18).


Andruw Jones should fire Boras. Let’s think about this:

Texas Rangers, no shot of competing this year. Maybe, can finish .500 – They have a young star in Center. Nobody in Texas cares about them.

New York Yankees, World Series contender, plays in a big market. Huge stars surrounding him. Melky/Gardner playing center field.

This is a no brainer. You go to Yankee camp, and probably win the starting job. Hit 7/8 in that order. If you play well, you will get PAID! Now, he wants to play a corner position in texas? Let’s say he plays well. People are going to say, ummm, it was the park. Let’s stay away from him.

Tanya Mercado

He won’t be playing the corner position in Texas. They would move Josh Hamilton to right field. They think Hamilton is taking a beating playing center all year. Jones would play center if he made the team.


Thanks Tanya. I didn’t know that. May I now add why the Texas Rangers have not been relevant this decade. Ok, All-star stud Center Fielder. let’s move him to RF for a washed up Jones? That makes no sense. 3 weeks of spring training for an outfield is not enough to move a stud like Josh Hamilton. I am sorry. But, the texas rangers front office again has no clue when it comes to baseball.

Tanya Mercado

It is not definite. Hamilton began to break down after the All-Star break. It wasn’t by much, I can tell you that. At the same time, the front office could be thinking Hamilton will be breaking down more and more because of the drugs he used to do. That does take a toll.

Here’s his pre-All Star numbers:
BA: .310 OBP: .367 SLG: .552 OPS:.919

post-All Star numbers:
BA: .296 OBP: .376 SLG: .498 OPS: .874

Basically Texas is hoping Jones can resurrect his career. To me it is stupid. But, I’m not their GM. I’m the future Mets GM. LOL


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