Phils and Howard Agree

By / February 8, 2009 / Offseason

The Philadelphia Phillies have agreed to terms with their first baseman, Ryan Howard.

The deal is being reported as three years, $54 million. His yearly earnings will go something like this:

  • $15 million this season
  • $19 million in 2010
  • $20 million in 2011

They just barely missed having to go in front of an arbitration panel. Last year when they did, Howard managed to get a record $10 million.

I’m sure the Phillies are happy with this. If they had to go in front of an arbitration panel, I’m sure they would’ve had to pay Howard more.

According to the Associated Press, Howard was asking for $18 million, while the Phillies were only offering him $14 million.

So with this I have to ask, are the Phillies done with making moves this offseason? The last report I received, they only had $1 million left to spend in the offseason.

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Ed Leyro

With only $1 million left to spend, I don’t know what they can get. Just like the Mets, the Philthies would still like a righty bat off the bench, which is why we’ve been hearing so much about Garciaparra and last month Moises Alou was their righty bat du jour. They also need someone to replace J.C. Romero until he’s reinstated around June 1. Acquiring new players to fill those spots would surely push them over the budget they had set for themselves.


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