Johan Leaves The WBC

By / February 9, 2009 / Offseason

Thanks to the New York Mets, Johan Santana has withdrawn from the World Baseball Classic. They requested he not participate, according to the NY Daily News.

He still has yet to throw off a mound after his surgery last year. He will be remaining at Port St. Lucie throughout Spring Training.

A very smart move on behalf of the Mets. Considering Santana hasn’t thrown off a mound, it’s best he stays with the team trainers. This way they can keep an eye on him.

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Very smart move. Get healthy. I am happy to see that Johan is dedicated to the Mets and the 2009 season.

Ed Leyro

I’m looking forward to Johan getting the 20 wins he deserved to get last season. Pitching innings in October are far more important than pitching innings in the WBC in March.


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